I had the good fortune of working with Shelley, as our keynote speaker, for the Telegraph Herald Athlete of the Week Banquet! Shelley delivered a passionate, heartfelt speech. She used a wonderful combination of personal experience, philosophy and motivation to engage the crowd — her message clearly resonated with the young adults, parents and coaches in attendance.

I was very impressed with Shelley’s professionalism and flexibility. In addition to speaking, she participated in the award presentations and stayed after the event to visit with guests and be photographed with award recipients.

There are a number of ways to judge how well a speaker is received by the crowd. One way is to solicit feedback from those who attended — however, I find that unsolicited feedback is far more valuable. At the conclusion of our event, a number of individuals stopped me and commented on how much they enjoyed and appreciated Shelley’s speech.

Based on our experience with Shelley Till, we would highly recommend her for future speaking engagements!


Mike Fortman
Group Director of Advertising
Telegraph Herald/Woodward Community Media
Dubuque, Iowa


“If you were lucky there was a time in your life where you were at a crossroad and someone was there as a trusted and admired crossing guard to help you navigate traffic safely. Shelley Bardon Till was that person for me. Coach Till modeled hard work, motivation, compassion, and self-worth to me and my teammates on a daily basis. By insisting that intrinsic motivation and goal setting is the key to self-actualization and happiness, she cleared the path for so many of us to accept ourselves as athletes and women. In my current personal and professional life, I am fortunate to be able to influence young athletes. I consciously try to replicate Coach Till’s actions and words to motivate young boys and girls not only in sports but more importantly, in the most important game there is, life.”

-Ellie O.


“I have been blessed with many amazing people who have helped influenced my life, but very few who have made the profound impact like Shelley Bardon Till. Shelley has made a difference in my life as a coach, as a mentor, as a role model, and as a friend.
Shelley has developed and motivated me physically and mentally as an athlete. As my college basketball coach, Shelley was life changing for me. I had always been a hard worker, self-driven, and a leader. However, I was also extremely self-conscious, always willing to sacrifice myself for others, and afraid of “being in the lime light”. Coach Till taught me how to take myself to a whole new level. Through motivation, high expectations, and visualization she helped me understand that it is o.k. to be proud of myself. She helped me raise my own bar of expectations for myself. She made me aware that I could and deserved to “be in the lime light” and the only person holding me back was myself.

~ Rachael S.


Shelley gave me a different perspective and made me recognize where I could improve myself; because of her, I was able to find balance between basketball, school, and life. She could directly, yet tactfully, point out areas of improvement. She was at all times personable and approachable. The lessons she has taught made me who I am today. She has made me a better all-around person due to her involvement as my coach and now my friend. Today as a physical education teacher/basketball coach, I truly aspire to become equally influential on my students and athletes. Shelley Bardon Till is truly inspirational and has a positive effect on those around her.

~ Jolene M.


“Working with Shelley as my coach changed my life! It helped me focus on my purpose which is being here for my family.
Shelley showed me a new way to deal with anger and stress. I was lost before working with her, because I didn’t know how to cope with my cancer. It made a helluva positive impact on me. I can see it, and so can my wife and kids. I smile more, I’m more upbeat, and I appreciate life more.”
~ Dale S.


“Coach Till and I did not see eye to eye at first. In fact there was a lot of head butting during the season. Looking back it was obvious that it was due to my immaturity and lack of insight for the program in its entirety. Coach Till was a “pusher” she did not hold alliances with anyone that wasn’t willing to participate or do the right thing. Instead she held us accountable, not only individually but as a team. I unfortunately had to learn the hard way. However, looking back it was one of the best things that happened to me as a student athlete. Once my defiance took a backseat, I received affirmations from my coach. I didn’t realize until then how much I wanted this respected Coach’s approval. She earned mine and deserved it . I unquestionably can say that she brought out the best in me in college in regards my athletic ability as well as my court sense. She defined my strengths and worked on my weaknesses. Being a two sport athlete in college and surviving five different head coaches she by far had the best communication skills.  Shelley Bardon Till is a big deal!”

~ Jean J.