Sport is Like a Box of Chocolates


I recently had the opportunity to mentor an elite group of Division I women’s athletic teams in Leadership Development.  The experience was incredible and I thank God for blessing me with such an amazing opportunity!I’ve spent some time thinking about the lessons they taught me through this experience. There are so many, that I’ve decided to share them with you in pieces. Kind of like little nuggets of the finest dark chocolate, they are to be slowly savored, ingested and enjoyed. 

I hope you’re as nourished as I was…

 Piece #1: All of us, regardless of experience, level of success, or amount of talent, have doubts & fears, and occasionally lack confidence. I was amazed as I stood amongst athletes who have reached the pinnacle of their sport, and this belief was a reality for them. Put simply, we are our own worst critics!


Nutritional Value:  Believe in yourself & SHOW your belief in others! 
It’s perfectly normal to have doubts & fears.  You are much more powerful than you think and there is super-hero strength in numbers.   It is when we lift each other up that we will reach higher than we ever imagined! Who can you encourage today?

Until the next savory piece…. 

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