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Most fans see only the glamorous side of athletics.  Aspiring athletes dream of playing their sport at the highest level.  Those of us on the inside, know that there is much more to playing college athletics than championships, shiny trophies, and roses.  While it definitely has benefits and perks, it took me a long time to learn the lessons from my less than fulfilling college basketball experience. Given what I know now, I wish someoneKeep Reading
My original intent for this post was to discuss the harmful effects of spreading rumors. After discovering that this is International Random Acts of Kindness Week, I decided rather than just posting about rumors, I would also talk about possible solutions. Random acts of kindness, and simply being happy, might help to eliminate or drastically reduce the negativity & damage done when people choose to spread rumors. As I dove into this topic, I realizedKeep Reading
  Do you have someone who is a positive influence in your life?  Someone who is your cheerleader, coach, or relentless supporter?  We all need to have at least on person we can count on to say just what we need to hear at the right time.  I had a coach who made a very positive impact on my life. He was a master at motivation because he took the time to genuinely get toKeep Reading
I recently gave a presentation on the importance of having a purpose, and more specifically, knowing your “why”, or as I like to say, “What is your November?” How many of you woke up this morning with a purpose? Knowing why you are here, or what specifically you want to accomplish? Even more importantly, how many of you know what lights you up? Some people refer to this as knowing your “why”. For me, myKeep Reading
In a world of media frenzied stories about super star athletes, sport scandals, & multi-million dollar contracts, most people have no idea where Division III Mount St. Joseph college is located, nor have they ever heard of Lauren Hill. Well on this day, Lauren Hill made her voice heard across the land as she accomplished her dream of starting in her first collegiate women’s basketball game, and making her first official basket; a layup fromKeep Reading