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It's almost back to school time. I can hear the groans of the teachers and students across the country, and the collective sighs of relief from parents everywhere. Unless you're the parent of a college student. Those are the parents who, if they've spent any length of time with their adult children this summer, are dreading the resurgence of feelings that they experienced when they dropped little Riley or Little Claire off at kindergarten.Back toKeep Reading
I have been involved in athletics at several levels including as an athlete, coach, parent, & broadcaster. I have never known the outcome of any game, win or lose, to be determined by one person or one play. Regardless of the outcome, win or lose, there are ALWAYS several people who made contributions, including athletes, coaches, officials & parents, to name a few. If there is one thing I could change in this world ofKeep Reading
Welcome back for more sweet indulgence from my lessons learned through leadership development training. (piece #1 is in the previous post). Piece #2: Influencers come in many different packages. Some are coaches, like the one who looked her team in the eyes before our session, smiled and said “ladies, be the best!” Some are like the senior who has been through it all, refuses to quit, and still stands tall. Still others may be theKeep Reading
    I recently had the opportunity to mentor an elite group of Division I women’s athletic teams in Leadership Development.  The experience was incredible and I thank God for blessing me with such an amazing opportunity!I’ve spent some time thinking about the lessons they taught me through this experience. There are so many, that I’ve decided to share them with you in pieces. Kind of like little nuggets of the finest dark chocolate, they areKeep Reading
It is the morning after I have returned from a life-impacting training on leadership, diversity, and violence prevention with the National Consortium for Academics & Sports (NCAS), Social Justice Education Institute. As I sit on my deck enjoying a cup of coffee and the peacefulness of the sunshine on my face, I scroll through my Facebook to catch up on the events I “missed” while I was away. I come across a posting about aKeep Reading
Rachael had just competed in the first tournament of the season.  Through 2 games she averaged a double-double.  This was uncommon ground for her and she wasn’t quite sure how to handle it.  Her coach approached her to tell her how great she did and how she was looking forward to seeing what she would do in the next game.  Without even thinking, Rachael replied “well, don’t get used to it.”  Rachael’s coach looked atKeep Reading
Have you ever had your identity stolen?  Imagine the feeling of someone else thieving your power, your name, your privacy, & who you really are.  What an awful, devastating, and hopeless experience.  There is another form of identity theft that is even more detrimental to you… In order to avoid this type of theft, answer this question; who would you be if your label was taken away from you?  I’m talking about the one thingKeep Reading