Shelley’s Story

Shelley’s mission is to help build empowered, intentional leaders!  She is passionate about helping you define your purpose and use it for the building up of others.

As an athlete, coach, or business professional, you have the desire to win!   You have the ability to effectively lead yourself and others.   You have a unique identity that defines and propels your leadership style.  Shelley’s tools and resources, combined with her personal experiences working alongside some of the best coaches and athletes, can help propel you to define your purpose, sharpen your leadership skills, and ultimately prepare you to achieve success!

Shelley’s love for building purposeful leaders has led her to careers in college basketball and leadership development coaching & speaking.

Shelley has had the opportunity to work next to some of the most successful coaches and players in the NCAA as a leadership development trainer and college women’s basketball t.v. analyst.

Shelley grew up in small town Iowa where she learned the values of hard work, discipline, and dedication to something bigger than yourself.   Shelley developed a love of sports, especially basketball, at a young age.  She believes that there is no greater laboratory for learning life skills than athletics. Shelley’s passion for playing basketball soon turned into a huge spring board for success.  Shelley played for a state champion basketball team and earned a scholarship to play Division I college basketball.  The lessons continued in college and so did her passion for becoming her best.  The transitions didn’t come easy.  It was in the struggles that Shelley learned some of her most valuable lessons and how truly strong and resilient she could be. She has the empathy and tools to help you navigate through transitional times and emerge feeling more successful and fulfilled than ever.

Shelley graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a B.A. in Psychology. She furthered her education as a graduate of the Coach Training Program at Coach U, an International Coach Federation accredited training school. She also completed the Train To Be Clutch “Transformational Leadership” workshop, and was selected as a training facilitator for the National Consortium for Academics and Sports.

Are you a leader asking yourself “how can I be better?”

Are you someone who aspires to be in a leadership position?”

Are you an athlete seeking strategies to assure success?

Are you in the midst of a life change and wondering, “what now?”


If you answered yes to any of these, then please contact Shelley for a simple chat about your specific concerns and how she might be able to help you.  Email